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 Access Control System Installation and AccessControl System Repair Services, New York City:

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Unlimited Applications Security Company provides New York City residential and commercial property owners with cost effective access control solutions.



Access control system's, contols access to a particular door or gate by either a valid code, card or biometric entry. Once the correct code or valid card or biometric scan is presented to the access control keypad, reader or scanner the door or gate will electroniclly open to allow aceess. We can provide you with a custom access control system which meets your needs.

Access can be scheduled and reports can be generated based on door or gate access with regards to date, time and the access control system's user's name. Another useful feature the reports is the ability of the generation of time and attendance reporting. Theses systems can be programed and the access control system administration can be preformed locally or remotely by uding a dial up or network connection.



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