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Important Message(s): Customers who are considering the advantages of the  Telephone Company DSL (Digital-Subscriber-Line) Service should keep in mind that  a special Alarm Control  DSL Filter must installed to ensure that there is no interference from the service which would inhibit the successful transmission of alarms signals to the Central Station, if the DSL service is subscribed on that same telephone line as the Alarm Panel
Any changes to telephone service (at all), to the way a call is initiated or handled (i.e. dialing an access code or 9 before dialing a telephone number and or changing of area code) should be immediately brought to the attention of your Alarm Company and addition your system should be tested to ensure that it is functioning and or communicating properly immedialy after any telephone service and or work is performed..
Customers who are considering on taking advantage of the new technology of IP Telephone and or Cable Company Provided Telephone Service; Should keep in mind that their standard/basic alarm system is not geared to transmit alarm signals over or through these services without additional equipment.


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